We organise a range of seminars, conferences, workshops and working group meetings, tailored meetings and other events aiming to educate the professional community and to inform them about the services that we offer. Please find below an overview of both completed and upcoming events, including programmes, presentations, photos and, where applicable, also video recordings of the lectures.

  • Conferences and events for the professional community
  • CESNET Day - Introduction of services
  • Trainings and workshops
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Our events

  • Clock ikon 27. February 2024 - 28. February 2024

    Forensic Training I.

    A hands-on two-day training course that provides an introduction to forensic information technology analysis.

    The program is in Czech language.

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  • Clock ikon 6. February 2024

    Network and Service Security Seminar

    Seminar focused on the security of networks, services and Internet applications.

    The program is in Czech language.


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  • Clock ikon 23. January 2024 - 24. January 2024

    CSNOG 2023

    A community meeting of Internet access providers, telecommunications network operators, domain registrars and computer network operators, and technical enthusiasts.

    The program is in Czech language.

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