OwnCloud has been designed for individual users. It enables automatic data synchronisation between various computers and mobile devices of the user. Data are also available through the web interface. Data can be easily shared with colleagues.

Services for Individuals
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The basic features

  • Cloud storage of 100 GB per user (can be enlarged);
  • native clients for Windows, Linux , OS X, iOS, Android;
  • Automated data synchronisation between several devices (mobile devices if needed);
  • Access via web interface;
  • Self-define sharing with a group of users or by means of links sent;
  • Document version control within a single account;
  • Platform for sharing contacts and calendars;
  • Data stored in the CESNET e-infrastructure in the Czech Republic.
Individual service.
Data na území ČR
Prostor 100 GB na uživatele
Certifikace ISO/IEC 27001
  • Easy file synchronisation between various devices (Windows, Linux, iOS, Android);
  • Easy data sharing (in a group of users or by means of links which can be password protected).

OwnCloud has been designed for the students and employees of the entities connected to the CESNET’s e-infrastructure.

To be able to access the service, the user has to have an account in the eduID.cz identity federation.

The service is available free of any additional charge to the entities connected to the CESNET e-infrastructure.

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