E-infrastructure refers to a complex set of IT tools (devices, software, and integrating services) that form a platform providing IT services for other disciplines, from the natural sciences to the arts and humanity sciences.

A key component of CESNET's activities is the development of the unique e-infrastructure of the same name. It is an IT infrastructure designed for Czech science, research, development, and education needs. The CESNET e-infrastructure is a part of an extensive research infrastructure, i.e., e-infrastructure for research, development, and innovation in the Czech Republic called e-INFRA CZ, which consists of:

This research infrastructure is included in the Roadmap of the Czech Republic, which provides large infrastructures for research, experimental development, and innovation of the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports.

One of the objectives of e-INFRA CZ is to link its parts so that users gain uniform access to e-INFRA CZ services and uniform user support when using these services. The services of e-INFRA CZ can be used by users who have the status of e-INFRA CZ user by the Terms and Conditions of access to the e-INFRA CZ infrastructure.

You can find more information about e-INFRA CZ on the e-INFRA CZ website.


Significant components of the CESNET e-Infrastructure

The uniqueness of the CESNET e-infrastructure is primarily due to the characteristics of the integrating services. These integrating services include:

  • network infrastructure (CESNET3),
  • user management,
  • security tools and services,
  • service desk.