Photonic services (Photonic)

CESNET Photonic represents a collection of special advanced services of optical networks which, by their uniqueness and science and research support, significantly differentiate CESNET from commercial providers.

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The basic features

These services are conditioned by full dark fiber availability, and provide space for high demand applications, including future ones. The service presents all optical transmissions without an electric signal conversion (in contrast to CESNET Lambda). CESNET Photonic service permits the building up networks, which extensively surpasses the possibilities of the modern Internet. It also complies with applications which require strict time accuracy and frequency transmissions.

Vysokorychlostní a vysokokapacitní infrastruktura
Vysoká spolehlivost, dostupnost a flexibilita sítě
Stabilní služba s nízkým zpožděním
Řešení na klíč potřebám uživatelů
24x7 monitoring infrastruktury
Důraz na bezpečnost
  • Permits research which requires reproducibility.
  • Allows for real-time process management, including processes which have a high demand on network responses (i.e. “hard real time”).
  • Suitable for future usage, thanks to dynamic labour with the optical spectrum (fine step allocation, e.g. 1GHz).
  • Fibers can be shared with other services, such as concurrent production transmission of 100 Gb/s and accurate time transmission photonic service.
  • New customers who have full access to dark fibers.
  • Current customers who are already connected to the CESNET 2 network by the means of optical fibers, which are lighted and under the full control of the CESNET association.
  • Users who are interested in cooperating in the testing and implementation of new possibilities of modern optical networks.

The price is determined individually based on requirements for basic parameters.

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