Virtual servers

Running virtual servers on a reliable infrastructure.

Extra Services
Data storage
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The basic features

CESNET ensures the operation of virtual services using a reliable VMware virtualization infrastructure across two data centers located in Prague and Brno.

We offer the virtual servers with the following default setup:

  • VM-A 1x 2GB 15GB Linux/Windows/own;
  • VM-B 2x 4GB 30GB Linux/Windows/own;
  • VM-C 2x 8GB 60GB Linux/Windows/own;
  • VM-D 4x 16GB 120GB Linux/Windows/own;
  • ...Or tailored as required.
Customized to users' needs
High availability and flexibility
24/7 infrastructure monitoring
  • No need to purchase, operate and maintain any HW;
  • Configuration tailored to individual requirements;
  • Custom solution – including network infrastructure and backup using CESNET’s Data storage.

The Virtual services are available to organizations that meet the Terms and conditions for the access to the CESNET e-infrastructure. Organizations are not required to be connected to CESNET's e-infrastructure. However, a separate agreement is necessary to utilize CESNET's Virtual servers.

The service fee is charged according to the price list.

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